There are many ways to enhance biodiversity in land use planning. An overall examination of the green-blue structure and the identification of ecosystem services are good starting points for nature-positive design.

The study completed last year, examined the parts of Uusikaupunki’s blue-green structure that are essential to the city and the network they form, as well as the most important ecosystem services. The most significant parts of Uusikaupunki’s blue-green structure were identified as extensive forest areas and the ecological connections that connect them, culturally influenced agricultural areas, and maritime archipelago interfaces with their natural and recreational values. In addition, the set of value environments in the city center was highlighted. It was recommended that these landscape entities identified as valuable be kept as cohesive as possible and that their vitality be improved by improving connections. The cohesive and connected green structure and the biodiversity create the basis for the well-being that people receive from nature, ie ecosystem services, now and as Uusikaupunki becomes denser.

On the basis of the study, recommendations were given to preserve important values as construction intensifies. The key natural values of the area, the values related to tourism, important recreational connections and the preservation of green connections and large wooded areas were highlighted as recommendations for action. In addition, recommendations were made to better open the archipelago environment to the people.