We are proud to announce that Nomaji was part of the team awarded with the “Top 3 Excellent Prize” in the International Competition for Shenzhen Antuo Hill Museums. We collaborated with JKMM to design the landscape of a competition entry called “Foundation Stone Garden”. The designed scope was vast including multiple functions and around 214 000 m2 of museum and exhibition spaces.

Shenzhen Antuo Hill Museums (SAHM) is positioned as a public cultural facility and a diverse community of museums. It’s a multi-functional platform integrating cultural relics exhibiting, art exchange and display, art trading and other supporting services. All surrounded and integrated with the green and blue landscape, connecting the site also to the surrounding mountain landscape.

The starting point for the landscape design was to explore the relation of man and nature, reflecting traditional garden theories with contemporary sustainability goals. The landscape of the museum area is also influenced by the quarry history of the site as well as the ecology and native species of the Antuo Hills mountains. Along with JKMM also Shenzhen-based architecture, landscape and urban planning team AUBE, and global strategic partner Barker Langham were part of the team.

Read more of the competition entry here.