Finnish architects and landscape architects have joined the global declaration of climate and biodiversity emergencies. We hope that every Finnish architectural practice will join us in making this commitment.

The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time. Buildings and construction play a major part, accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions whilst also having a significant impact on our natural habitats.

For everyone working in the construction industry, meeting the needs of our society without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries will demand a paradigm shift in our behaviour. We can initiate change now. We in Nomaji are committing to strengthen our working practices to create landscape architecture that has a more positive impact on the world around us.

Environmental responsibility and ecological sustainability are core values in our practice. We are aware of the effects of the choices we make during the design process together with our customers and partners. We have defined the following principles for our work, which are important for mitigating climate change and safeguarding biodiversity:

  • Vegetation planning that supports biodiversity
  • Resource-efficient construction and unnecessary soil disturbance
  • Nature-based stormwater management
  • Careful use of materials, taking into account the entire life cycle
  • Promoting carbon sequestration in soil and vegetation
  • Promoting climate-conscious design
  • Developing environments conducive to human health and well-being

Read more about the declaration and common goals here: