Science afternoon on 20.9 will focus on carbon-smart urban green infrastructure

Welcome to our Science afternoon on 20th of September 2023. Caroline Moinel and Mari Ariluoma present us CO-CARBON project and […]

Alku goes Carbon Play

On Saturday 26.8, Nomaji organised Alku workshop on the theme of Carbon Play in front of the Oodi library. The […]

Kaijonharju master plan of outdoor environment

The master plan of the outdoor environment of Kaijonharju is based on the Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju plan frame. The master plan creates an identity […]

Pakila school yard

The Pakila school yard was renovated in connection with the renovation and expansion of the school building. The starting point of the […]

Puotila school yard

The plot of the Puotila elementary school is centrally located between the residential area and the metro station. The old […]

Science afternoon on May 24 focuses on ecological compensation

Welcome to our next Science afternoon to listen and talk about the new Nature Conservation Act and voluntary ecological compensation […]

In the next Science afternoon March 29 we will discuss about the ordinary nature

The first Science afternoon of the year will be held at Nomaji’s new office in Kruununhaka on March 29. The […]

Vision of the local train station’s environment in Tesoma 

The current identity of the Tesoma area, located west of the center of Tampere, consists of very different distinctive areas, […]

Makasiiniranta competition

In the design competition organized by the city of Helsinki, a viable development solution was sought for the development of […]