In the next Science afternoon Mach 29 we will discuss about the ordinary nature

The first Science afternoon of the year will be held at Nomaji’s new office in Kruununhaka on March 29. The […]

Vision of the local train station’s environment in Tesoma 

The current identity of the Tesoma area, located west of the center of Tampere, consists of very different distinctive areas, […]

Makasiiniranta competition

In the design competition organized by the city of Helsinki, a viable development solution was sought for the development of […]

Ecosystem services and green network of the Uusikaupunki city

In support of partial master plan planning, a blue-green structure and ecosystem service study of the immediate surroundings of the […]

Nature planning supports diversity

Nature-based planning can preserve and promote various ecosystem services and biodiversity, especially where people live and move around – in […]

Lohja partnership block

The aim of the design for the partnership block completed for the Lohja housing fair of 2021 was to encourage […]

The Kaapeliaukio square

Helsinki has a new building dedicated to the art of dance. The House of Dance is a major cultural project in the […]

Second prize in the Makasiiniranta competition

We are proud to announce that our proposal Makasiinipromenadi received the 2nd prize in the international Makasiiniranta quality and concept […]

Mapping of business premises and their users in the courtyards of Kamppi

The central Helsinki urban district of Kamppi consists largely of closed city blocks formed by continuous building masses. Hidden inside […]