Location: Helsinki, Ilmala

Type: Reference plan

Year: 2022-2024

Collaborators: architecture design L-Architects Ltd, traffic planning WSP Finland

In Ilmala, the functions of the current block reserved for Yleisradio’s operations will be developed to be more diverse by adding jobs, housing, services and a public park area to the area, while preserving the operational possibilities of Yle’s media center. The design is a reference design for station planning.

In the landscape design concept, efforts have been made to strengthen the green connections of the Pasila area and to connect the newly formed park area more strongly with the Central Park network. The most significant new green connection is the green street planned through the current Yle quarter area, which functions as the main connection for walking and cycling and plays a significant role in the treatment of stormwater in the area. The functions of the park are divided into zones in such a way that on the edges of the area, the current trees and open rocks are preserved as a forest park. There is a more open meadow landscape around the old mission center, and in the middle of the area, in the lowest part of the park, a functional zone is formed, where there is a delay of stormwater as well as play and cultural activities.