Nature-based planning can preserve and promote various ecosystem services and biodiversity, especially where people live and move around – in cities and elsewhere in the built environment. At its best, with nature planning solutions, land use changes from a cause of nature loss and a problem to a solution that improves the well-being of both nature and people and supports the maintenance of diversity. The more diverse nature is in the built environment, the better it can withstand various distractions.

Nature-based solutions can be combined with the planning of an equal and child-friendly environment at all levels of urban greenery. In addition to a compact urban structure, it is important to consider these planning solutions also in areas of wider construction and in smaller cities and rural settlements.

The biggest causes of nature loss and climate change are land use and construction. Humans have displaced nature and fragmented the unity of natural areas by building cities, scattered settlements and transport networks and transforming nature into food production areas. The area, unity and diversity of the original nature have weakened significantly. Various international regulations, agreements and recommendations have also responded to these threats. It can be assumed that the number and the binding nature of various regulations will increase in the coming years.

Nature conservation areas are one important way to remedy the situation, but they are not enough alone and separately from each other. The diversity of nature and the processes it maintains must be taken into account in all activities and in all environments – our built environment and its design require a completely new approach and way of thinking. A new kind of planning is needed for a better future.

At Nomaji, we seamlessly combine nature expertise with practical land use and urban environment planning expertise. In each of our projects, we evaluate the possibilities for promoting natural diversity and for the best possible combination of nature and the built environment. Our nature services are flexibly shaped to suit different destinations, always according to the current need. For Nomaji, nature and natural diversity are always one of the starting points for planning, but special needs of the site, such as certain species or groups of species, are taken into account when necessary.

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