We are proud to announce that our proposal Makasiinipromenadi received the 2nd prize in the international Makasiiniranta quality and concept competition! Four proposals were competing in the second stage of the two phase competition. In the South Harbour team with us were Anttinen Oiva Architects, NREP, SRV, Design agency Amerikka and Sitowise.

Helsinki South Harbour and the competition site are one of most iconic landscapes of Finland, and the most iconic one in Helsinki. The core idea of Makasiinipromenadi is an open and accessible green urban waterfront intended for both city dwellers and visitors, where services, entertainment and culture flourish.

Makasiinipromenadi draws from Helsinki’s strengths, the sea and archipelago, history and the city’s characteristics. It creates a missing part of Helsinki’s coastal route and offers a new kind of opportunity for a seaside stay in the inner city. In our proposal responsibility is taken into account as a whole, starting with increasing urban greenery, circular economy solutions and consideration of different user groups.

Makasiinipromenadi was the audience favourite in the public voting. The proposal received special praise from the jury for taking into account the history of the area as a harmonious continuation of a valuable cultural environment and for a well-planned waterfront route with its public outdoor spaces. In terms of a climate-smart solution, Makasiinipromenadi was of the highest quality among entries.