The theme of the October science afternoon is the Baltic Sea and especially the ecology of its coastal zone. Because the state of the Baltic Sea is extremely worrying, it is important to raise a discussion about the importance of the coastal zone and planning issues related to it. What is the state of the ecosystems in the coastal zone and how do we take these ecosystems into account in the design process? We will have two presentations to the topic of the day and after that we can freely discuss the ideas raised.

Henna Rinne (PhD, Åbo Akademi University, Department of Environmental and Marine Biology) will talk about the diversity of the bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) zone and related research. Henna Rinne is a marine biologist with special expertise in underwater marine biodiversity and its mapping, macroalgal communities, marine protected areas and GIS.

Nomaji will present the climate-proof shoreline development guidelines that Nomaji has defined during the last two years for Vartiokylänlahti and Isosaari.  In the guidelines special attention was paid to the structural diversity and biodiversity of the coastal zone.