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Ecosystem services and green network of the Uusikaupunki city

In support of partial master plan planning, a blue-green structure and ecosystem service study of the immediate surroundings of the city center was done. The goal of the study was to secure the area’s most important nature values ​​and ecosystem services as the urban structure becomes denser.

The Keilaniemi shoreline vision

Keilaniemi is the eastern port of Espoo and a rapidly developing urban district. Keilaniemi is located on the shores of Keilalahti bay, and as the area develops, the demand for the shore’s recreational opportunities will increase. 

Resilient shoreline development at Vartiokylänlahti Bay

Nomaji defined the climate-proof shoreline development guidelines for the Vartiokylänlahti bay. Vartiokylänlahti is located in eastern Helsinki between Vuosaari and Vartiokylä.

Resilient shoreline development: case Isosaari

Nomaji defined climate-proof shoreline development guidelines for the Isosaari island in Helsinki. The challenge was to manage complex climate impacts from the perspective of land use and nature values.


In 2016, the city of Helsinki started an EU funded project to improve the accessibility of urban nature and to promote nature areas as the city’s attraction. The existing Lammassaari boardwalk was popular but dilapidated.

puustoinen verkosto

Ecosystem services information for planners

Nomaji has completed a compact publication for the City of Helsinki about ecosystem services in an urban setting. It is an introduction to the varied benefits that green space offers for the citizens.

Riihimäki Station Area Plan

The Riihimäki Station Area Master Plan includes land use, traffic planning, and architectural master planning for an area of 80 hectares to accommodate 5 000 inhabitants. The Master Plan for Riihimäki Station Area brings together disparate and detached neighborhoods separated by the bisecting railway line.