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Alku goes Carbon Play

On Saturday 26.8, Nomaji organised Alku workshop on the theme of Carbon Play in front of the Oodi library. The workshop was arranged in collaboration with CO-CARBON, as part of the Carbon Smart Green Infrastructure festival.

Vision of the local train station’s environment in Tesoma 

The current identity of the Tesoma area, located west of the center of Tampere, consists of very different distinctive areas, the most significant of which can be considered the construction by the forest typical to 1970s. With the completion of the urban structure, the development of the local train stop’s environment become topical.

Makasiiniranta competition

In the design competition organized by the city of Helsinki, a viable development solution was sought for the development of the Makasiinranta area located in the south harbor. The competition was decided in November 2022.

Mapping of business premises and their users in the courtyards of Kamppi

The central Helsinki urban district of Kamppi consists largely of closed city blocks formed by continuous building masses. Hidden inside of these blocks are numerous small courtyards, many of which provide premises for a diverse group of small businesses, organizations and public services.

Tikkurila Väritehdas district

Our proposal “Parklife won the shared first prize in the international invitational competition in the Tikkurila Väritehdas district. “Parkilfe” was praised in the review for its visually rich urban vision.

Guoshen Museum

Guoshen Museum

We collaborated with JKMM Architects in the competition for the Guoshen National Museum in Shenzhen, China. On the banks of the Pearl River Delta in Shenzhen, China, and due to open in 2025, the Guoshen Museum, is destined to be China’s National Museum Shenzhen Branch, highlighting the wide-reaching importance of this rapidly developing region. 

Renewal of the Helsinki East Urban Centre

The City of Helsinki organized a general and international idea competition for the design of the most important areas of Itäkeskus and the Puotila metro station area. The proposal of our working group ITIS SITI was ranked second in the competition by the jury and recommended that the Puhos and Puotila areas be further developed on the basis of our proposal.

Green factor calculation and method development

The green factor is a ratio that describes the green efficiency of a plot. Different vegetation surfaces and solutions that delay rainwater increase green efficiency.

First place in Verkkosaari low-carbon green block competition

Our proposal “Grün in der Mitte” in cooperation with Anttinen Oiva Architects and Hartela won first place in the competition for the low-carbon green block of Verkkosaari.