Get to know our works

Alku goes Carbon Play

On Saturday 26.8, Nomaji organised Alku workshop on the theme of Carbon Play in front of the Oodi library. The workshop was arranged in collaboration with CO-CARBON, as part of the Carbon Smart Green Infrastructure festival.

Pakila school yard

The Pakila school yard was renovated in connection with the renovation and expansion of the school building. The starting point of the design were three main themes: an environment that encourages movement, the health and well-being effects of nature, and pedagogical opportunities outdoors.

Puotila school yard

The plot of the Puotila elementary school is centrally located between the residential area and the metro station. The old elementary school and barracks were demolished under the new building.

Lohja partnership block

The aim of the design for the partnership block completed for the Lohja housing fair of 2021 was to encourage communality and encounters between inhabitants in a village-like, cozy scale. In addition to the functions of the residential yard, the outdoor areas of the daycare center and nursing home are also located in the common yard.

The Kaapeliaukio square

Helsinki has a new building dedicated to the art of dance. Nomaji was responsible for the landscape design of the House of Dance project, including the associated public outdoor spaces. 

Helsinki Summer Streets 2022

The Summer Streets leading from Esplanad towards the Design Museum square brought the forest to the city. Nomaji and Sweco were responsible for the conceptualisation and design of the summer streets.

Riveria Peltola’s campus

A new school building was planned for the Riveria campus area in Peltola, east of the center of Joensuu. At the same time the outdoor spaces of the campus area were developed to better meet the needs of the renewing vocational school.

Kintterö health forest

The nature path structures of Kintterö are part of the EU-funded GoGreenRoutes project. This initiative supports the implementation of nature based solutions that enhance the physical and mental health of urban residents.

The Kruunuvuorenranta schoolyard and park

“Pelago” project is a result of collaboration between Nomaji and Rudanko+Kankkunen in the invited architecture competition organised by the city of Helsinki. The goal of the competition was to discover a vision and concept design of a new service block building in the Kruunuvuorenranta district and the southern part of the adjacent Haakoninlahti Park.