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Central park of Nikkilä

The masterplan for the central park of Nikkilä was created by utilizing the method of participatory ¨budgeting. The aim was […]

Public spaces for the Helsinki House of Dance

Helsinki will have a new building dedicated to the art of dance in 2022. The House of Dance is a […]

The Sipoonlahti school

The new Sipoonlahti school will become, after the extension, one of the largest school centers in Finland, with about 1200 […]


In 2016, the city of Helsinki started an EU funded project to improve the accessibility of urban nature and to […]

The Rajatorppa School

The old school building “Ilpola” was replaced by a new building and the old, protected building, will be renovated. The […]

Sammontalo school

Nomaji and the architecture office Rudanko + Kankkusen’s competition proposal, “Katras” received the second prize in the open architecture competition organised by […]

Kivistö communal block

The purpose of the competition, organized by the City of Vantaa, was to find a communal and distinctive residential block […]

Pitkäkallio ideaplan

The City of Espoo asked for different types of concept level idea plans for the Pitkäkallio area ranging from renovating […]

Yyterin aukion yleissuunnitelma

Yyteri on Porin kaupungin matkailun kärkihanke. Työssä laadittiin yleissuunnitelma Yyterin keskeiselle alueelle, Yyterin aukiolle. Yleissuunnitelman kautta parannetaan Yyterin houkuttelevuutta, tunnistettavuutta, yleisilmettä […]