Location: Helsinki

Type: shoreline development, climate change adaptation, habitat planning, ecological connections

Client: City of Helsinki

Year: 2019-2020

Nomaji defined the climate-proof shoreline development guidelines for the Vartiokylänlahti bay. Vartiokylänlahti is located in eastern Helsinki between Vuosaari and Vartiokylä. The planning area has different shore types and valuable natural sites. Vartiokylänlahti bay has been identified in the Helsinki master plan as a focal point for maritime housing, with significant new residential areas coming in the next few decades. In addition, Vartiokylänlahti is being developed as a cultural park of eastern Helsinki and it is an important green and recreational connection for the entire eastern city. The characteristics of the diverse and shallow bay must be taken into account in the planning of the area.

The guidelines present solutions and measures for implementing the planning and construction of the shore areas in the most climate-friendly way. We designed simple and illustrative examples of sustainable shore construction – taking into account nature values, landscape and recreational values, changing climate and land-use development needs. Recommendations and examples can be taken into account in the planning of the area and later in the development of the town plan.