Location: Helsinki

Type: competition, urban planning, public spaces, streetscape, parks

Status: invited competition, 1st prize

Organizers: City of Helsinki, The Finnish association of architects SAFA

Design: Nomaji (landscape architecture), L-Architects (architecture), WSP Finland Oy (traffic planning)

The Junatie competition was won by our proposal “Crossroads”. The competition called for ideas to transform a traffic node in downtown Helsinki into a high-quality and attractive urban space.

Our proposal binds the cultural activities and event areas of the site into a whole, both functionally and visually. The transport solution allows for a comfortable, attractive and accessible walking environment on the ground level by diverting some of the vehicle traffic to a new bridge and making existing traffic connections more operational. Traffic reorganization will free up street space, making it possible to create green living streets.

A new green connection between Sörnäinen and Mustikkamaa will be established in the area, forming backbone for the new stormwater system. The management of stormwater becomes a visible part of the cityscape, creating a new distinctive identity and bringing much needed urban nature to the area.