Location: Helsinki

Type: yard design, historical environments

Client: ECD Kiinteistöt Oy

Year: 2017-2019, ready 2020

Design: Landscape architecture Nomaji Landscape Architects Ltd, building design Talli Architecture and Design, Talli Ltd

The Old Margarine Factory in Hermanni was converted into apartments. The building had been empty for a long time, so it required a major renovation. In yard design, we wanted to take into account the milieu of the 1920s, to which we brought fresh demands of modern living. 

In the northern part of the plot there is a sheltered playground bordered by a retaining wall and a comfortable seating area under the shade of apple trees. A space reservation was left in the yard for the residents’ own plantations. The harvest of the berry bushes belongs to everyone. The material choices of the yard are sustainable and support the architecture of the building.

Storage and common areas are located in the new courtyard building. At the same time, the building protects the first-floor courtyards from traffic noise.