Location: Kempele

Type: area planning, landuse planning, landscape planning

Status: reference plan finished

Client: The municipality of Kempele

Year: 2019

Design: Nomaji maisema-arkkitehdit Oy and MUUAN Oy

Collaborators: traffic planning by WSP Finland Oy

The reference plan was drawn for an area in Linnakangas, Kempele, which is known for tourism, business, work and recreation. The target area is called Zeniitti which is the most notable tourism development project of the municipality of Kempele. The planning was done in cooperation with the municipality and businesses interested in the development of the area.

The plan is divided into four zones with the most active area at the core of the old quarry and less activity in the outer zones. The main route in the area runs around the quarry on the upper level. The route varies in width and consists of lively city spaces with playgrounds, vegetation, commercial and sport areas. The more heavily built zone has an event arena, a summer theater and tourist accommodation.

The center point of the whole area is the old stone quarry which will be filled with groundwater. To keep the water clear and bright, the quarry is planned to be kept completely separated of the area’s water ecosystem. Runoff water will be collected to new open runoff water channels on the upper level and lead away from the quarry.

The construction work will begin with shaping the quarry walls and building the nearby surroundings in the summer 2019. The first buildings and functions in the area are set to be done by 2024.