Location: Lohja

Type: yard design

Status: completed

Client: Hoivatilat Ltd, TA companies, Lohja rental apartments Ltd, City of Lohja

Year: 2019-2021

Design: Nomaji Landscape Architects Ltd

The aim of the design for the partnership block completed for the Lohja housing fair of 2021 was to encourage communality and encounters between inhabitants in a village-like, cozy scale. In addition to the functions of the residential yard, the outdoor areas of the daycare center and nursing home are also located in the common yard.

The communal aspect of the yard is strengthened by activities serving all age groups. In the yard, you can move and exercise, cultivate, do some bike maintenance or meet your neighbors. The common yard is divided into two parts, of which the eastern side is more active and the western side is more peaceful. Between them, a natural meeting place is formed, where a well with a hand pump acts as the central point that unites the block. The water in the well is rainwater, led into the well from the roof of the adjacent building.

The principles of Sustainable Landscape Construction (KESY) were applied in the design. The design was completed in close collaboration with the KESY group assembled by the Finnish Association of Landscape Industries. Climate friendliness, one of the main themes of the Lohja housing fair of 2021, also served as one of the starting points for the design.