Type: design guidelines

Status: published

Client: Building Information

Year: 2017-2020

Nomaji created a climate-aware design guide set for Building Information. The guide set consists of three separate guides: “Basic information about the climate for designers”, “climate conscious design: landuse”, “climate conscious design: architecture”. The purpose of the guide set is to provide designers with information on climate and climate change and how to take the information into account in planning at different scales.

The project started with a pre-exploratory phase, in which experts from various organizations were brought together in a workshop to determine the content and objectives of the work.Recently the term climate consciousness has been strongly linked to climate change. However, climate conscious design is a broader subject. In addition to reducing emissions, carbon sequestration and adapting to future changes, it is important to understand the prevailing climate and the local effects of land use and construction. Via climate conscious design, it is possible to create a pleasant microclimate, reduce the impact of extreme weather events, reduce respiratory air pollution and minimise the energy consumption and maintenance needs of buildings and outdoor areas.