Location: Lappeenranta

Type: Learning environment, schoolyard, competition

Status: 2nd prize in open architecture competition

Year: 2019

Design: Landscape architecture Nomaji landscape architects Ltd, architecture architects Rudanko+Kankkunen

Nomaji and the architecture office Rudanko + Kankkusen’s competition proposal, “Katras” received the second prize in the open architecture competition organised by the city of Lappeenranta. The aim of the competition was to find ideas and design solutions for the new community center in the Sammonlahti area, known as the “Sammontalo”. Sammontalo and its surrounding area will serve more than one thousand users in the future.

Inviting courtyards and squares are formed by the playful shape of the building. The scale of the new building is human friendly and adapts to the surroundings of Sammonlahti. The lush and diverse outdoor area encourages children to move, act, play, explore and learn by doing. Nature-based solutions and materials provide a healthy and creative environment that changes year around.