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Ecosystem services and green network of the Uusikaupunki city

In support of partial master plan planning, a blue-green structure and ecosystem service study of the immediate surroundings of the city center was done. The goal of the study was to secure the area’s most important nature values ​​and ecosystem services as the urban structure becomes denser.

Green factor calculation and method development

The green factor is a ratio that describes the green efficiency of a plot. Different vegetation surfaces and solutions that delay rainwater increase green efficiency.

Resilient shoreline development at Vartiokylänlahti Bay

Nomaji defined the climate-proof shoreline development guidelines for the Vartiokylänlahti bay. Vartiokylänlahti is located in eastern Helsinki between Vuosaari and Vartiokylä.

Resilient shoreline development: case Isosaari

Nomaji defined climate-proof shoreline development guidelines for the Isosaari island in Helsinki. The challenge was to manage complex climate impacts from the perspective of land use and nature values.

RT-card: Climate-conscious design

Nomaji created a climate-aware design guide set for Building Information. The guide set consists of three separate guides: “Basic information about the climate for designers”, “climate conscious design: landuse”, “climate conscious design: architecture”.

puustoinen verkosto

Ecosystem services information for planners

Nomaji has completed a compact publication for the City of Helsinki about ecosystem services in an urban setting. It is an introduction to the varied benefits that green space offers for the citizens.