Get to know our works

Kuninkaantammi Forest School

At Kuninkaantammi Forest School, nature’s health and well-being benefits are harnessed, and efforts have been made to preserve existing trees, rocks, and other natural elements as much as possible.

Alku goes Carbon Play

On Saturday 26.8, Nomaji organised Alku workshop on the theme of Carbon Play in front of the Oodi library. The workshop was arranged in collaboration with CO-CARBON, as part of the Carbon Smart Green Infrastructure festival.

Helsinki Summer Streets 2022

The Summer Streets leading from Esplanad towards the Design Museum square brought the forest to the city. Nomaji and Sweco were responsible for the conceptualisation and design of the summer streets.

The Kruunuvuorenranta schoolyard and park

“Pelago” project is a result of collaboration between Nomaji and Rudanko+Kankkunen in the invited architecture competition organised by the city of Helsinki. The goal of the competition was to discover a vision and concept design of a new service block building in the Kruunuvuorenranta district and the southern part of the adjacent Haakoninlahti Park.

The Sipoonlahti school

The new Sipoonlahti school is one of the largest school centers in Finland. As part of the extension project, the entire schoolyard was renovated and a new local sport site was built in the area. The schoolyard serves as a versatile learning environment and is also a popular outdoor place for residents of the area outside the school hours.

Rajatorpan koulu

Design Principles for Outdoor Learning Environments

We defined a set of new design principles for school and kindergarten yards. The design guide is primarily intended for designers, but it also helps the client and users to define the needs and functions of the outdoor area.

The Rajatorppa School

The old school building “Ilpola” was replaced by a new building and the old, protected building, will be renovated. Together with the students and teachers, places for learning were designed in the yard.

Metsäkalteva School

The Metsäkalteva school consists of a preschool and a primary school and has been planned with an option for expanding the building in the future. The school is a lively focal point of the new neighborhood where it also offers open multifunctional space for the residents during evening hours and weekends.